• Tackling goals is tough. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Time is forever fleeting. I’m here to ensure you keep on moving towards the biggest of dreams and even the smallest of goals. Why? Because uplifting others uplifts me.

  • Check out the FMYH Flexible Pricing Model FAQ below and give a shout if you have questions or collaboration ideas you would like to discusss.

Q: how do I find out how much a package will cost?

A: pricing information is available here. After you review, let’s Discuss and negotiate a price as needed. I understand that everyone is on a budget and I’m happy to Scale my prIcing To meet you where you are to get you where you want to bE.

Q: what are your qualifications?

A: i’m An ncidq certified intErior designer and full-time design thinker. Creative problem-solving is my middle name and I’ve always loved applying traits of logic fused with an aspirational mindset to lift myself and others. I respect coaching qualications, but To be honest, i’ve Always invested more in intuition. I love to encourage people to dream big and put their goals into motion one step at a time.

Q: Wh why did you start a FMYH.CO?

a: after a Rough start to 2018 and a solid four months of studying for my Ncidq Li like my life depended on it, I finally broke down. I had a signif life wake up call An and realize that if I could put as much energy and drive into our subscribe to Packr, then I ordered self to pursue and develop an idea that I am truly passionate about. I’v loved thE phrase ‘fancy meeting you here’ for as long as I can remember. (It was EveN my first Tumblr handle Back in middle school. Don’t believe me?)