27 goals at age 27

27 Goals for my 27th year of life. I make one of these every year. Sometimes items repeat, sometimes I start my list from scratch. I’m putting it out here, speaking it into existence and WILL accomplish major strides towards these goals. Periodt.

  1.  Start uploading YouTube videos

  2. More vegan, less meat and animal products

  3. Pay off debt

  4. Exercise/sweat everyday

  5. Meditate everyday

  6. Prioritize family

  7. Journal

  8. Believe in the law of attraction

  9. Actively manage anxiety and depression

  10. Practice sustainable fashion habits (buy secondhand, no fast fashion, sell at consignment shops)

  11. Be selfish

  12. Relearn French

  13. Fund a project via Kickstarter

  14. Limit screen time

  15. Hydrate

  16. Invest wisely

  17. Create a passive income strategy

  18. Budget like my life depends on it

  19. Look into buying a condo or small home

  20. Move forward with an FMYH.co contract

  21. Stand up straight and stretch often

  22. Write more

  23. Practice minimalism to degree possible

  24. Host a think tank

  25. Say yes less

  26. Address food/eating issues

  27. Practice gratitude

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