The reason racism is such a huge bummer

…for me at least, is that while I’m out here trying to shed light on history and create equity through empathy for myself and others who look like me, there are people in the world putting out stuff like this:


It honestly bums me out (like beyond depressive) that there are people out there so passionate about their hatred and detestment for black people that they go as far as to invest scientific resources into falsely defining and justifying our humanity. Did anyone ever stop to consider what the side effects of oppression might be?

I’m disgusted.

What I want to understand is why some people consciously and/or subconsciously believe they are so far superior than another race that they would spend time investigating if our capacity for success is inherently varied.

News flash: The reason our success rates tend to vary from yours is because we were stolen, enslaved, criminalized, segregated, LYNCHED, RIDICULED & HARRASSED by people that look like you.*

*You meaning white people. You really must stop ignoring us when we tell you this because you’re making a lot of us very angry. See stereotypes about “the angry black person” invented to shut us the fuck up. Not today, Satan.

Have you ever heard of a self-fulfilled prophecy?

White people are the terrorists. And no, I don’t mean all of them, but the same way folks go around generalizing Muslims, and gays, and black people and immigrants, I feel it is about time I go around generalizing “the whites.”

It is dispicable to learn of racism when you are a child; so naive then, you hardly believe or comprehend the capacity to which race will inevitably impact your life. It’s at every intersection and you can’t escape it.

Please stop getting upset with us when we try to embrace our culture. Oh wait, now that’s up for debate too.

Ashley OchiaghaComment