Revisiting IIDA Vision 2016

  • Is it just me, or does everyone else have an insane number of archived notes saved in their phone? I feel like I’m constantly talking about this.

When the archives started busting from the seams in a figurative way, I took it as my cue to tidy up. In the process, I stumbled across excerpts from a design lecture I attended back in 2016 by a gentleman from IDEO who’s name I do not recall (and obviously managed not to write down).

I know this is cliff notes lite and these are only fractions of the overall lecture, but I think sometimes that’s exactly what we need to stimulate our creative senses sometimes. Enjoy.

  • Don't ask, observe - honesty vs. perception

  • Continuously rethink the concept of an expertise

  • Design is thinking carefully about the things we put in the world

  • Look, really look

  • Observe, don't visit

  • Time matters, spend time, you cannot accelerate this step

  • Le Petite Puppy in New York worth visiting (still v pleased with myself for writing this down)

  • Engage and empathize - empathy is missing all too often

  • There's more to motivation than good will

  • Prototype to communicate, actions and prototypes speak louder than words

  • Embrace your constraints

  • Designers are better in a box

  • Museum of hunting and nature in Paris also worth visiting (glad about this note)

  • Piggyback on human behavior, you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time

  • Tap into our species

  • Beware of precedent because we are in unprecedented times

  • Practice bravery

  • Think like a human

  • Love who you design for and treat them like it


  • Don't attach the person to the idea

  • Co-designing with clients makes the experience more valuable (I can see the starchitects cringing, but screw that)

  • Keep meetings concise (and no more meetings about meetings about meetings)

  • How do you stay charged?

    • Reflection and time...

    • Reading, baking, gardening...

    • Things where you can turn your brain off…

Now go make something!

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