My Manifesto

  • What I know about life thus far is that it can be pretty fucked up sometimes.

What is finally clicking for me in 2019 is that despite how fucked up some of the realities of the world may be, your one job on earth is to live your life despite it all.

Any of the other rules we / I / society follow are simply made up and sometimes (mostly) bullshit. Look around you and reflect on the things that (in)form your perspective.

The truth of the matter is, humans go through far too much distress and trauma in our long but also short lives. A lot of which is induced by the privileged and inflicted on those who somehow seem to have permanently fallen lower on the food chain. This is a food chain where everyone is fucked. A cycle we need to snap out of. How? Through mindfulness.

I’m ready to wake up. I’m ready to be better. Sweeping things under the rug can only ever work for so long.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, but that doesn’t mean I should be so horribly toxic to myself like I’m trying to prove a point. There are so many other aspects of life that try to deter me from my true purpose, I need to play on my own team, not against myself . Self-depreciation is the result of media programming us to focus on our shortcomings. Scheduled programming. Subscriptions. As if we want this.

We are all uncertain about our own individual lives, social circles, choices, existence and so on, but we’re conditioned to grin and bare it from a very young age by society’s pressures and the way they impact your family and community. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one who thinks like this, but I know that’s not true. And really, that’s why this little diary of mine is available to the public on the internet.

I recently watched a video from one of my throwback YouTube favorites, Amy Lee about the law of attraction, and it really hit home for me because in 2018 I learned so many lessons about how we have the power to rewrite our false narratives. Those toxic seeds planted when we are young that grow into thorny prickles that we also blame ourselves for.

Once you believe you have the power to speak what you want into existence, mindfulness and thoughtfulness around your intention is key. Tell yourself everyday “I got this.” Convince yourself that success is the only option. Build a plan and take things one step at a time because you can do a n y t h i n g .

I’ve always been the type of person who would write down all of their goals, almost obsessively, but I never realized how much impact this practice continues to have on my life.

In 2019, I have big dreams, so why not write my own manifesto based on my core values and purpose? In 2019 I want to manifest…

  • …pure joy

  • …more mindfulness

  • …physical strength

  • …satisfaction

  • …mental clarity

  • …dolla dolla bills y’all

This is what I want and in 2019 and I’m excited to take intentional steps on a consistent basis to transform my wants into my reality. Some of the things on my list might seem cheesy, surprising or dare I say selfish? To that I ask, what’s wrong with that? Really. I think it’s wonderful that I know what I want and I am open to receiving the fruits of my intentional labor. If you’re not doing that, what are you doing?

Stay tuned for progress updates and the like on le blog as I work towards my goals and share stories along the way. If there’s something you’re working towards, remember that vulnerability promotes accountability.

Ashley OchiaghaComment