A Few Pros and Cons of Vulnerability

Putting things that live in your mind out into the real world is much easier said than done.

When I sort of half soft-launched my side hustle/got really excited/was open and gaining confidence in the concept, it was a lot of feels. My mind was racing with creativity, generating a million ideas of how I could go about building my business. I don’t mean to toot my own horn (jk, yes I do), but I know I am quite good at a number of things and I don’t want to be confined to a one track life. I will be forever working on untangling the jumbled up, but also delightful mess that can be my brain at times. Sometimes sharing with others helps, and sometimes it hurts. The biggest benefit that comes from vulnerability is the authentic perspective and insight you gain which ultimately helps you learn how to best communicate your POV in a way that will be understood. For me personally, the vulnerability loops over the last several years are the reason I’m sitting here today writing this out. Cheers to all of us as we continue on our journeys towards really real places of meaning and fulfillment while pursuing our goals and dreams.

Here’s a list I made in my phone when I was really sad and discouraged back in August:

  • Pro: met so many wonderful people this summer and made a lot of great connections

  • Con: can never quite tell who is trying to be my friend and who is using me for X, Y and Z

  • Pro: was able to genuinely help some people I know and care about

  • Con: feel like I’m under a microscope because people know what I legitimately think

  • Pro: feel like I am discovering my purpose in life

  • Con: experiencing how it feels when an epiphany shatters

  • Pro: gaining resilience

  • Con: crying and puffy eyelids

No, this is not intended to be a sob story and it’s not supposed to be a woe is me moment either.

It’s really just life. (Which can be quite the sob story sometimes. The irony.)

The good news is, the pros and cons come in waves. And we can get through anything we set our minds to. Often times for me, criticism is not easy to take. But look what happened when I slowed down, reflected, strategized and implemented: I actually made it to the part where what didn’t break me made me stronger .

Sending light your way -


Ashley OchiaghaComment