Fancy meeting you here,

my name is Ashley Ochiagha. 


I’m a Minnesota native working in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. I live in the Whittier neighborhood now, but grew up in Brooklyn Park. 

I created FMYH.co because I needed an outlet to unpack and work through my everyday existence; what I found was my purpose and reason for living.

My focus in life revolves around the mantra: ‘equity through empathy’. I believe mental health is at the center of all things and I advocate for mindfulness around self-development, healing and growth.

I am an interior designer by trade (ncidq certification, check) who also enjoys wardrobe styling, public speaking and connecting with others to make the community we live in a better place.

Being a first-generation American of Nigerian and Cameroonian parents is something I am very proud of; I am a product of the melding of these cultures.

I hope this passion project of mine pushes you to expand your perspective and understanding of the world. Perhaps it will even encourage you to find a form of self-expression that makes you feel good.

Always remember, we’re all in this together.